I’m happy to share a few favorite gems inspired by my poetry workshop at Blackhawk Christian School. Thank you, third graders! Your poems are delightful!

Spectacular Singing
by Selah

On an island far away,
Just above the dune,
Three birds sit on a palm,
Singing a terrific tune.

Sky Blue, Bird Blue
by Shalom 

Clap, clap, wings beating behind its back.
Flap, Flap, no bird needs a map.
I found a feather
that was sadly lost in the weather 

by Elizabeth

Frog, frog in the bog,
Do you like the sea?
I see you sitting on a log
And in a tree!

Icky Picky Bird
by Olivia 

Picky, icky needs more sticks.
Going north, going south
Going by a sticky mouth!

My Little Blue Jay
By Raelynn 

There it is just so blue
I don’t know that this is true.
There it is just so calm
On the branch of a palm.

Complete Critter
by Maddie 

What a complete critter to twitter a willing song.
Proudly in its overcoat,
Building a nest,
And holding up its bright red chest.

Humming Bird
by Anonymous

The humming birds are taking flight
With their feathers which are bright.
They are flying and zooming
by the bright flowers blooming
With their feathers glistening
And with all animals listening.

Tasty Lunch
by Anonymous

Yanking worms like rubber bands
Bet that bird wishes it hand hands.
Peering out from the corner of its eye
A tasty meal is what it spies.