A Round of Robins

From defending their territory to sending off their feisty fledglings and everything in between, A Round of Robins explores the nesting cycle of the robin with sixteen playful, plucky poems.

"Hesterman's poems are brief, informative, highly entertaining, and very easy to read, with little jokes but also using correct terminology ... Individual poems stand alone, but the book is also short and lively enough for a full read-through.”
The Horn Book, starred review
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"Hesterman fills her jaunty rhyming verses with numerous puns and alliterations, while conjuring up sweet yet mostly factual vignettes of the birds’ journey to maturity. ...”
School Library Journal, starred review
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It’s a charmer of an animal family story, with rhymes that are a pleasure to read aloud. ...”
Publishers Weekly, starred review
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Punchy poems that beg to be read aloud follow a pair of robins through parenthood. … Hesterman alternates solid vocabulary — ‘lair,’ ‘clutch,’ ‘slumber,’ ‘fledgling’ — with delightful made-up words. "
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